The Meaning of Life Insurance

When we imagine life beyond today, we often think of a series of significant milestones that will define our future; milestones such as marriage, starting a family and purchasing a home. With ever growing responsibilities, it is also inevitable to wonder what might happen to the people we leave behind if the worst was to happen or even the impact of illness in our lifetime preventing us from earning. We all wish to leave a legacy, so our loved ones aren’t troubled by unmet future living costs and secure our ability to meet our outgoings in the event of prolonged serious illness.

Thus investing in life insurance, critical illness or income protection coverage is that reassurance and comfort for your loved ones that you can make early on in your life. But what is life insurance and why is it an important consideration?

Defining Life Insurance

Appropriate life insurance, critical illness or income protection cover provides you and your loved ones with a stable income source if you were to get terminally ill, unable to work or pass away. Policies range from term to family income benefit, income protection and whole-of-life coverage.The benefits may differ, but each plan allows the dependents to meet their financial obligations, including everyday expenses, mortgage/rent, education, outstanding debts, etc.

Importance of Life Insurance

Gauge the impact of your financial contributions or obligations if you weren’t around anymore. If savings, investment, or pension don’t mitigate the outgoings, you may want to consider purchasing a life insurance policy or other suitable protection. Dealing with death or severe illness is difficult. Income loss is an added stress. Life insurance, critical illness and income protection cover protects your family from facing financial hardships during your lifetime or after your demise and reduces the pressure during such challenging times.

The Benefit

Life insurance products cover adversities and help dependents with a stable income or a substantial lump sum. Buying a life insurance policy or other forms of protection may be a scary decision, but it’s undoubtedly an important one. At, we can provide you a tailor made policy and get you covered in less than 15 minutes. For better assistance, go to or contact us to get more information. 




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When we imagine life beyond today, we often think of a series of significant milestones that will define our future...



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